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Relationship Psychotherapist

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Johannes Kelder BD MEd Specialising in Relationship Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy. Couple Workshop and Therapist Training Facilitator.



Couple therapy helps you to understand why you are no longer relating to each other like you used to. We all long for a loving, supporting, caring relationship, where there is a deep appreciation of each other and a growing closer together. Therapy can assist a couple with any and every issue including, broken trust, betrayal, infidelity and deep grief. The deepest of hurts and injury when mutually understood and felt, have the potential for resolution and healing. The therapeutic process provides an opportunity for couples to openly discuss the issues they face with each other in a safe environment. It provides the context for developing new perspectives, insights, strategies, behaviours and skills which, when implemented, can significantly improve your relationship.

(18 years - over 1100 couples experience )  


Unresolved issues in a couple relationship can often result in the build up of resentment and tension which potentially creates a loss of desire in affection and physical initmacy. If the couple wishes to enter into sex therapy it will be about a couple coming into a common understanding as to why there maybe a loss of desire and where love making is nolonger a mutually satisfying experience. Sex therapy provides an opportunity for couples to discuss their sexual relationship in a safe and constructive way. It often consists of receiving some guidance that normalises a number of issues and creates a new understanding as to how a couple may enhance mutual pleasure and closeness.

Couples Workshop " Enjoying a New Closeness."

Couple Worshop 4X Thursday Nights in 2020

Important questions most people ask.

Cost ?

To make this affordable to all couples the fees per session are structured to income level from $100 - $130 per session. Most couples are in the  $100 - $110 range.



Occasionally on the same day or next due to an appointment cancellation. Mostly within the same week or the following week.


How many sessions ?

This is not long term therapy. Most couples can make major improvements and complete the process within 4-6 sessions. Some complex situations may need more sessions. 

Are you available to talk prior to an appointment ?

You may call for a discussion anytime. If I cannot answer your call you will be contacted as soon as possible for a discussion of your circumstances either via a phone call or over the internet.



MONDAY TO FRIDAY 8:30 - 6:30 Late after hours appointments available on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS till 9:30pm ( SATURDAY BY APPOINTMENT )


For HMC, 65 marriage tips go to :

www.youtube.com  “ talk to the Hans marriage tips.”

What one couple wrote : 

Name: K…. and P…. Your Email: K…….@gmail.com Subject: Thank you Message: Hi Hans Thank you so much for the perspective you gave P…. and I on our relationship. Throughout this process we have learnt so much about ourselves as well. You've provided us with the necessary tools to openly communicate our feelings with each other which helped to melt away the tension between us. We feel like we are better people because of you! And it's great to know if we get stuck again you will be there. We both feel confident in moving forward and are excited about our future together. Thanks to you we are happy and even more in love than before :-) Kind regards K…. and P…. xo

Text received from client 6.3.19

 Thanks mate, we'll be there. We left that first session feeling more positive about each other than we can remember. Regards N....

Our Review of Hobart Marriage Counselling

If you want your relationship to be the dream relationship that you planned it to be; Hans is the man. 
He teaches strategies to negotiate a relationship. He provides effective words and successful tools, the rest is up to you. It really works! BC