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CRCK Kingston


 GNCC Howrah



Feedback from Kingston Workshop

Your over all comment/summary 

Well done Hans for a clear and honest 4 sessions of helping me become to my partner I learnt things I did not know ( like ) Understanding how the amygdala and frontal lobe work. Anthony.

Feedback from London Workshop

What were the most helpful topics in the workshop? 

Understanding fight and flight mode and how to de-escalate arguments.(anon)

Sex,defensiveness, emotion awareness, validating the emotion and cathartic process. – Naomi

All of them - James 

How would you describe the presentation?

Refreshing, new and informative – Simon

Friendly lighthearted, perfect balance of information and humour – Dave

Well paced, varied and fun – Ben

Engaging, good balance of humour, illustrations and points – Ceri

Very informative and enjoyable. Nice laid back atmosphere – Bernadette

Your overall comment/summary?

Thank you very much, it was helpful and great tips to improve closeness – Laura

A huge difference from previous marriage courses. Came away feeling equipped and encouraged for our marriage – Simon

I like the use of the whiteboard with various diagrams as it helped me remember and understand. Hans was really sensitive yet matter of fact way of speaking he also has a wicked sense of humour – Chloe

Well done especially to a ‘British’ crowd Good use of humour to deal with some of the awkward bits – Kris.

Was very helpful. The comedy ( probably unintended) during the sex talk was great to relieve the awkwardness – Steve.

Enjoying A New Closeness

    Couples Workshop

Snug Christian Church April 2017

Enjoying A New Closeness : is a non-intrusive. lecture style couple workshop based on what most couples bring to therapy. It is a very practical, insightful workshop which gives couples  tools to use to avoid and handle potential conflict more effectively. It provides an understanding as to why individuals often behave and respond the way they do and how putting into effect different strategies improves the relationship.  

Comments from Snug Christian Church Workshop.

This is a really insightful course which can help couples at all stage of their relationship. My husband and I have gone away from every session and enthuisiastically discussed points there were of interest and which we can apply ourselves. Joanna

I feel that this course has been a blessing for us and has already helped to rectify behaviours which were damaging to out marriage. You have helped us steer in a better, more loving direction. Thank you :) Minke.

Very enlightening and informative. Non-intrusive format really worked well for us. EWe took tons of notes Craig.

Glad we came along, enjoyed it. Would recommend it to others. Sam


Comments people made of the previous workshops.

I loved your relaxed, fun, informative style. You had a good balance of illustrations, stories, examples, explanations (anon)

Session 2 I found incredibly helpful, raised lots of questions for us to talk about and also good because it helped us realise we weren't abnormal  Beck

Sex, intimacy and fun as I have never heard this in sex education... Lorriane

The workshop was really good, lots of tips, easy to understand and take away  Tim.

Helpful to identify things that seemed not right in our relationship but couldn't understand why ? Anon

Great that we have a chance to work at marriage and ideas on making things better and smoother. Anita

This course has helped me understand myself better and how to love and serve my wife better. James

Comments from people of July Worshop in Howrah

Thank you for sharing your knowledge in a fun uplifting manner. You're a top bloke Hans. Wishing you every success. Joanne T

Great info that will not just help with my relationship with my husband but also my children and workmates. Thanks Melanie.

Found it helpful and many good ideas and new opportunities to improve our relationship. Jason.

A very worthwhile event to attend togather. Luke R

A very enriching experience, thank you! Really helpful to learn more about these common issues and what is "normal" and then be able to improve. Julia.

Would recommend thsi workshop to others, it was not intrusive and tips were useful and made me feel like I am not the only one who feels this way. It was fun. Anon.

Book today for this workshop via contact on this site or call 0408450008

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm

 (after hours and Saturday also available)


Couples Workshops

The workshop is lecture style presentation based on my experience as a relationshihp therapist. I bring to the workshop, the issues that most couples face in therapy. It is strictly non-intrusive. couples are not asked to divulge or discuss personal information or details about their marriage. They may apply the undertanding and principles of the course to their own situation.

Each participant gets a workbook. The content is based on the main issues that couples express during therapy sessions. I explain to participants how I support couples to deal with these issues in a therapeutic context: the ways of thinking and strategies for enhancing togetherness. Couples can then "join the dots" and apply whatever is relevant to their own relationships.


"Enjoying Closeness" Workshop in Penguin Tasmania.  

A Second workshop was held in August 2013 where there was also a very positive repsonse.

"It was an excellent practical workshop"

"I liked it because it was serious and humourous"

Cornerstone Couple Workshop

A workshop was held at the Cornerstone Church. I have included some feedback from the couples that participated. It was good to engage with them in both a serious and humorous presentation. All were positive and gained from the experience as there was some very practical applications to issues that create lasting tension in relationships.

"It was funny, casual, non-invasive." Anonymous

"I found it very helpful, a good mix of psychology and practical advice" April

"A really great investment in our marriage, lots of practical application." Dan

"I am really glad I came along. I related to a lot of the content and was encouraged to grow in my relationship." Priscilla

Therapist Workshops

In August 2012 I was invited to provide a couple therapy training workshop for members and associates of theChristian Counsellors Association Australia (CCAA), Tasmania. The training for over 20  therapists, counsellors and students received very positive feedback.

In February 2013 I presented a 1 day professional development workshop for therapists organised by the Professional Counsellors Association (Tasmania).

A two day workshop was presented at Holyoake Hobart Tasmania August 2013. The feedback below was from the CEO.

Hi Hans

Thank you so much for a fantastic couple of days.

We all found your training to be very interesting and applicable as well as thoroughly enjoyable.

Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge and expertise with us.

Warm regards

Sarah and the guys at Holyoake.


Sarah Charlton


Holyoake Tasmania Inc.

The following are some of the comments made by participants in the Feb 2013 workshop:

Hans I have really appreciated your sharing and telling of stories. This is a great way for me to learn. I have enjoyed today and learned from your experiences, insights and presentation. (D.C.) 

Thanks Hans. You have given a structure to couple therapy that I can take away and use. I have taken loads of notes to refer to. Loved the anecedotal professional ( & personal) stories - brought the workshop to life more. You have provided me with a perspective from the male's point of view which will be invaluable. (G.B.) 

Dear Hans. Your workshop today was excellent, thank you so much, v.good content and v good to have real life examples. Nice and easy style, relaxing, affirming and new ways of looking at things 10/10. (D.S.) 

Hans was very informative - well delivered! Personable facilitator. Great ideas and very usable/integrative. Good cases studies and examples given. Open to discussion and and other ideas. Thanks Hans. (Anonymous)

Radio Messages on Marriage

 I have written 90 one minute messages for Hobart's Ultra 106.5 fm. These messages have been broadcast by community radio stations all over Australia. The messages cover a large number of interesting topics in the form of relationship "tips."   Scroll down this page to read some of my messages.

"Talk to the Hans" Monday  in time slot 8:00 - 8:30am

I have been invited to give  marriage and relationship tips on the Dad's Breakfast Show with Scottie Haas and Joe King. I am on air every Friday morning between 8:00 and 8:30 am. 

'Talk to the Hans' marriage tip interviews are posted on my YouTube channel johanneskelder.

You tube search 'talk to the Hans Marriage Tips.'

The 90 Minute Marriage book

I am currently working on writing my "relationship tips" into a short book. Some of the tips are reproduced below.  Any feedback on the concept and the tips is welcome. You can use the "POST A COMMENT" link underneath each tip.